Meet Our Faculty and Residents

Our program consists of both Internal Medicine residents and Internal Medicine/Emergency residents. Each residency class ranges from 7 to 9 residents. Our Residents come from all over the world.

Internal Medicine Residency Program Leadership

Dr. Andy Ogden

Chairman of Medicine 

Dr. Amy Penza

 Program Director Internal Medicine


Dr. Olubunmi Olarewaju

 Associate Program Director Internal Medicine and IM/EM


Dr. Jessica Schumann

 Clerkship Director Internal Medicine


Dr. Scott Plasner

Program Director IM/EM 

Dr. Emily Drechsel



Dr. Kate Radvansky



Dr. Nimish Patel



Dr. Chad Gunsolly



Dr. Michael Halpin



Dr. Aleksey Shchurin



Dr.  Mary Clare Parrott



Dr. Matthew Fallstick



Internal Medicine
PGY - 1

Guljinder Chera

Hometown: Riverside, CA
Medical School: America University of Antigua

 Why Jefferson Northeast?
I knew I wanted to be at JNE as soon as I completed my interview. The faculty and residents were kind and welcoming. The program cares about the residents with an emphasis on learning as well as resident wellness. JNE offers the opportunity to care for populations of various demographics which allows for a wide array of learning opportunities. Furthermore, the city is a great place for a foodie such as myself, and there's amazing beaches just a few hours away.

Kelianne Comitalo

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Medical School: St. George's University 

Why Jefferson Northeast?
I chose JNE not only because I would be able to serve the community I grew up in but also because of the diversity of patient population among the three campuses (Bucks, Torresdale, Frankford). I am interested in PCCM and the program supports these goals with ample ICU exposure. The various residents and faculty I spoke to during the interview showed me the personality and culture of JNE: happy, supportive, and family-like - qualities I think are integral to thrive in residency. Plus there is nothing like Philly sports and our cheesesteaks! :) 

Aaron Freed

Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, PA
Medical School: Rocky Vita University

Why Jefferson NE?
 I chose Jeff Northeast for the wide range of clinical experiences between the 3 distinct campuses. I did not have an opportunity to rotate prior, but my experience during the interview was very welcoming and I got the sense that the residents felt appreciated and had a strong sense of camaraderie. Additionally, after spending more than 10 years away, I wanted to return to my home city to complete my training. I’m thrilled to do my training in the Philly area at Jeff Northeast!

Kaari Hultgren

Hometown: Molt, MT
Medical School: Idaho COM

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson NE for the opportunities available through this program and the wide variety of Pathology you are able to see. Philadelphia also is known for its fantastic food!

Kavina Munshi

Hometown: Schaumburg, IL 
Medical School: NYITCOM at Arkansas State

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson NE because I loved the culture of the program and wanted to be in Philadelphia close to family and friends!

Michael Predi

Hometown: King of Prussia, PA
Medical School: PCOM

 Why Jefferson NE?
After completing 2 rotations at Jefferson NE, I knew that it was the right program for me. During my rotations, I learned a lot and had such an amazing experience. The residents were incredible to work with and the Thursday lectures were fun. The program has a strong emphasis on resident wellness. Also having no 24-hour shifts was a nice addition. The program has all the resources I need to match into a fellowship should I pursue one. 

Jayashwi Ramanathan 

Hometown: Lutz, FL
Medical School: LECOM Bradenton

Why Jefferson NE?
I am so excited to be a part of the JNE family! Growing up in a small community in Florida, my goal was always to be among a close-knit community of residents and faculty, and to care for patients who are underserved. I had the incredible opportunity to audition at Jefferson Health NE as a med student and experienced a family-like atmosphere with faculty and residents who are so welcoming and approachable. In just 4 weeks of being here, I felt like Philly was a home away from home!

Mansi Sheth

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Medical school: LECOM-Seton Hill 

Why Jefferson NE?
I really enjoyed my time as a medical student at Jefferson Northeast and I knew it was the place for me. I loved the community feel between the residents and attendings and the heavily hands-on training the program allows. The residents were provided with lots of support yet still retained autonomy over their patients. Lastly, over the last year I’ve come to enjoy being in Philadelphia and I am excited to continue to explore the city more.

Mohamed Suleiman

Hometown: Djibouti, Africa
Medical School: Kazan State Medical University, Russia

 Why Jefferson NE? There are many reasons to choose JNE, but let me mention a few, JNE serves a very large diverse population with a variety of patient pathology, and as residents we learn much better in such an environment. JNE is a place with happy, friendly attendings and physician residents. Residency is challenging but with the right team at JNE, you won't be left alone.

Taylor Cox IM/EM

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ, NY
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine- Tucson

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose the combined EM/IM program at Jefferson NE because I want to have as wide of an exposure to different diagnostic and procedural experiences as possible. I am hoping to take a broad set of skills with me wherever I go, and this program is equipped to do just that.

Michael Jacunski IM/EM

Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Medical School: LECOM- Seton Hill

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson NE because of the sense of family and connection I felt and observed between all of the residents and faculty members. I also love being able to work at and experience three different hospitals throughout my training, allowing me to experience a wider breadth of pathology and practice styles.

Aubrey Kenefick IM/EM

Hometown: Stamford, CT
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
I wanted an EM/IM program with strong outreach opportunities, ethics presence, and resident/faculty leadership. JNE has all of these attributes plus an unbeatable location in an historic and animated city! 

Elijah McClellan IM/EM

 Hometown: Texas  
Medical School: University of North Texas

Why Jefferson NE?
Hey y’all! You may guess by the boots I wear every day that I’m from Texas, born and raised. I worked as an ER scribe for two years before medical school which piqued my interest in Emergency medicine. After medical school I moved to Nashville for a transitional year before coming up to Jefferson NE for the combined EM/IM program. My wife Kelsey and I have been married for almost six years, and we have the two most precious daughters! I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and plan to go cage diving with Great Whites someday soon.

Clay McGeehan IM/EM

Hometown: Mt. Zion, Illinois 
Medical School: University of Illinois

Why Jefferson NE?

Internal Medicine
PGY - 2

Sampath Bhavana Choppara

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Medical School: LECOM-SH

 Why Jefferson Northeast?
I had the opportunity to audition at Jefferson Northeast during 4th year and work with the residents and attendings here. Residency is tough anywhere, but the support this program offers to its residents appealed to me. I could see that the learning environment here would allow me to thrive. The emphasis on critical care, variety in patholohy and access to various procedures are additional highlights.

Marriam Khan

Hometown: New York City, NY
Medical School: Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why Jefferson Northeast?
Being able to learn at three different campuses (Torresdale, Frankford and Bucks) drew me in because I knew I would be exposed to a diverse patient population and pathology, allowing me to become the best physician I can be who can practice in any setting in the future. But what confirmed my decision to choose Jefferson Health Northeast was the family bond between the residents, which was clear during interview day despite it being virtual!

Huzaif Taufiq

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Medical School: Ziauddin Medical College 

Why Jefferson NE?
 During my interview, I observed a strong sense of camaraderie among the residents, and they seemed genuinely happy with the program. Working in different hospitals has allowed me to experience a wide variety of patient populations and diseases, which will enable me to become a well-rounded clinician. Moreover, I value the significant autonomy that residents are given which also comes with superb faculty mentorship. Not to forget, Philly is an ideal place to start your residency because of food, sports, history, and numerous medicine related opportunities.

Salman Qureshi

Hometown: Fishers, Indiana
Medical School: Marian University

Why Jefferson NE?
 I chose Jefferson NE for the communities that we get to serve! Being able to serve three campuses in Northeast Philadelphia with a great group of residents, attendings and staff members allows us to provide care to multiple areas throughout my years of training! I've also enjoyed the city of Philadelphia so far-so much history, things to do and great food!

Myriah Magaris

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Medical School: LECOM-Erie

Why Jefferson NE?
 I chose Jeff Northeast because of its friendly and supportive environment between faculty, residents, and staff members, which I consider a very important part of the training. I also like the great training facilities that provide a wide variety of pathologies and the opportunities for residents to have hands on procedures and clinical experience.

Alexandra Ballard

Hometown: Montpelier, VA
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 

 Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson Northeast's IM program because I felt like it would provide a unique opportunity to work and learn across 3 different hospital environments including suburban and urban areas. I valued the patient diversity in the region, which helps create a more dynamic training experience. I also missed all the learning and volunteer opportunities that Philly has to offer after moving away for medical school. Jefferson's service-minded values along with embracing diversity and innovation showcased key tenets that are meaningful to me for residency training. I felt like this program would provide a good amount of support to help me grow to become a more well-rounded physician.

Jenny Liang 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why Jefferson NE?
I had the wonderful opportunity of rotating at JNE as a 4th-year medical student. I was in the ICU and on day 1, I noticed how well-trained, confident, and autonomous the residents were. In addition, everyone was so warm and welcoming. I felt supported and unafraid to ask questions. I was included in the decision-making of my patients and felt part of the team. My attendings were very patient and willing to teach. There was always a high volume of patients with high acuity along with an abundance of hands-on experience, which was what I was looking for in a program. By the end of the rotation, I remember thinking to myself “I want to come here for residency,” and here I am.

Jordan Benz

Hometown: Newtown, PA
Medical school: PCOM- Philadelphia campus 

Why Jefferson NE?
I choose Jefferson Health NE because of the people I would be working with. When I rotated here during my 4th year of medical school, I knew it was the place for me. Everybody was encouraging and supportive, and I felt like I would be able to learn and grow in a safe environment which was really important to me when choosing a residency program. It was also a program that would allow me to stay close to family and stay in the Philadelphia area which was another top priority.

Mason Liu

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Medical School: Touro-Middletown, NY

 Why Jefferson NE? I choose Jefferson Northeast because of the people, environment, and training. I am humbled to be a part of an organization and residency institution that has a robust teaching program, considers the work-life balance of residency, and provides a strong foundation for us to become better physicians and community leaders in the future. The residents and attendings here are happy, welcoming, and supportive. I feel confident that I not only will have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment, but I will also make many lifelong friends here along the way

Olivia Mann-Collura  IM/EM

Hometown: Buffalo, NY Medical School: LECOM 

Why Jefferson NE?
I auditioned at Jeff NE as a med student with EM/IM. I felt like I clicked with the people, enjoyed the variety across the 3 hospitals, and realized that Philly would provide me with an excellent learning environment to become a highly skilled physician. I am a proud Buffalo native and diehard Bills fan. I also love weight lifting, baking, and cooking. I moved to Philly with my massive Rottweiler Louie, and “tiny” Lab/Great Dane Titan. Someday I see myself working in the ED, ICU, and with EMS; I am confident that Jeff NE will help me reach my goals!

Michelle Joyner IM/EM

Hometown: Wolfe City, Texas
Medical School: Oklahoma State COM

I grew up in a small town an hour east of Dallas called Wolfe City, TX. After high school, I completed my Bachelors, Masters, and medical degrees in Oklahoma. I met my husband, Jacob, while still in high school, and we now have 2 wonderful boys, Emmitt (6) and Cooper (5 months). My favorite thing to do is travel. I've been all over Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. I love hiking and spending time outdoors. My interest in Medicine started in grade school, and I was drawn to Emergency Medicine early on, that interest quickly grew to encompass Critical Care.

Kevin Liu IM/EM

Hometown: Taiwan Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine

I'm thrilled to be a part of the JNE family! I went to medical school at Boston University and before that studied medical science and economics at BU as well. Despite seven long years in Boston, I remain a die-hard fan of Bay Area sports teams (especially the Warriors) having grown up in both Taiwan and California. In my free time, I enjoy going on boba trips and playing basketball. My interests in medicine include medical education, critical care, and toxicology - with the hopes of practicing as both an ED doc and hospitalist simultaneously.

Geoffrey Kern IM/EM

 Hometown: Erie, Michigan 
Medical School: Michigan State COM

I am thrilled to complete my training in the EM / IM program here at Jefferson Health Northeast. A little bit about me: I grew up in the small town of Erie, Michigan. My interests in medicine include global health, administrative medicine, and wilderness medicine. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, cooking, playing ice hockey, and taking care of my plentiful collection of house plants. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the JNE community and to help build upon its well-established foundation.

Ethan Collins IM/EM

Hometown: Avon, NY
Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
I originally looked at JeffNE for their combined program, and loved what I saw when I auditioned. Every resident is given huge independence from day one, even with busy and complex services while being supported by their seniors and attendings.

Internal Medicine
PGY - 3

Preeti Badve

Hometown: Monte Sereno, CA
Medical School: St. George’s University

Why Jefferson NE? This program offered everything I was looking for. The phrase “work hard play hard” embodies the program—everyone works hard and more importantly as a team. At the same time, there is never a shortage of jokes or laughter amongst the residents. In addition, the amazing attendings are always ready to teach something new, answer questions, or offer advice. Whether it be going to didactics/conferences, working on the floors, performing procedures, or interacting with a diverse population with a variety of pathologies, there is always something new to learn on a daily basis. Ultimately, I wanted to be in a community that I knew would teach me as much as I hope I could teach it!   

Angelina Liddy

Hometown- Southampton, PA Medical School: St. George’s University

Why Jefferson NE? I chose Jefferson Northeast because each campus provides a variety in patient populations and pathology. When I spoke to the residents during interviews, I could tell they were intelligent, confident, and most importantly happy.

Thomson Cheriyan

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Medical School: St. George’s University 

Why Jefferson NE? At the end of the day, residency is a tough process, but having the support of your program makes all the difference. After experiencing the camaraderie that the program emphasizes, choosing Jefferson NE was an easy decision. The amount of hands-on experience and autonomy that the program instills in each resident is something that makes this program unique. Growing up locally near the hospital has also given me the opportunity to give back to my community. I look forward to my future with Jefferson NE.

Iyare Iyamu

Hometown: Houston, TX
Medical school: American University of Antigua 

Why Jefferson NE? The people and community. I wanted to be part of a cohesive residency that has multiple campuses of training to reach different subsets of the community. Rotating between three campuses gives you the opportunity to expericine and learn about some of the different communities in Philadelphia. There is a varay of unique pathologies that will add to your learning experience. There's a family type atmosphere with the residents, faculty and attendings. Everyone is easily approachable and helpful.

Elisenda Valdez-Pena

Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Medical School: Universidad Iberoamerican

Why Jefferson NE? 

Seth Lipshutz 

Hometown: Margate, NJ Medical School: PCOM- Philadelphia

Why Jefferson NE? As a 4th year medical student, I had the opportunity to rotate at Jefferson Northeast. In just the 4 short weeks I was able to spend with the residents and attendings, I was able to see how close and supportive everyone was with one another. It was extremely important to choose a program where I would enjoy going to work every day, and in joining the team at Jefferson Northeast I have truly found that. I was also blown away by the hands-on learning and abundance of responsibility that was given to the residents in the program. I have always been someone who learns best by having a hands-on experience, which is something this program brings to the table. I had also met several residents from Jefferson Northeast during other rotations during my time as a medical student, and the support and guidance they described from the attendings in making them a path for a successful career was something that drove me to pick this as my top program.

Sussy Dayana Obando Lara

Hometown: Buenaventura, Colombia
Medical School: Universidad Santiago de Cali 

Why Jefferson NE? I chose Jeff Northeast because of its friendly and supportive environment between faculty, residents, and staff members, which I consider a very important part of the training. I also like the great training facilities that provide a wide variety of pathologies and the opportunities for residents to have hands on procedures and clinical experience.

Branden Stearns

Home Town: Edinboro, PA
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE? I was fortunate enough to rotate at Jefferson NE as a medical student, and I loved how supportive and encouraging everyone was, from the residents and attendings to the cafeteria employees and maintenance staff. This program really felt like home, and I knew that this was a learning environment that would allow me to thrive. Because we are a community hospital with smaller programs, the internal medicine residents have several opportunities to perform procedures, which was a huge draw for me as someone who also enjoys working with my hands. With three separate campuses, our residents are also exposed to a diverse patient population with unique pathologies and needs--I believe this is what prepares our residents to handle both challenging and complicated cases with confidence--which is something I actively sought in my search for a residency program. Ultimately, I recognized that everyone in this program is heavily invested in the success of its residents, and that is why I chose Jefferson NE.

Sanjay Desai

Hometown: Cumming, GA
Medical School: Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE? I really enjoyed my interview day. All the attendings and residents seemed to have genuine camaraderie and friendships with each other. I got the impression that the residents had strong clinical training but were also fun human beings to be around. The three clinical training sites also meant that I would have an opportunity to work with a variety of populations ranging from inner city to more suburban and rural.

Kyle Mohney IM/EM

Hometown: Punxsutawney, PA Medical School: LECOM 

Why Jefferson NE? Several factors weighed into my decision to choose Jefferson NE for residency. The three-campus system offers multiple environments to learn to practice medicine and provides exposure to many different patient populations and a rich variety of pathology that I felt would prepare me to confidently practice anywhere after graduation. I had completed several rotations here as a medical student and worked with competent residents at all different years of training, as well as attendings that wanted to teach and foster success. These reasons, in addition to the opportunity to complete a combined program, made it very easy to place Jeff NE at the top of my residency rank list.

Evgenia Nokovich IM/EM

Hometown: Fairhope, AL
Medical school: Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why Jefferson NE? I chose JNE because of the opportunity to dual train in the urban setting. I knew I wanted the experience of learning medicine in a large city, and JNE gave me that. Since I have started, one of the things that has solidified my choice is the strong female representation and leadership.

Zachary Weisner IM/EM

Hometown: Brockway, PA
Medical School: LECOM

Why Jefferson NE? Clinically, my interests involve working with patients in the critical care setting and topics in cardiovascular medicine. My long-term goal is to split my time between the CVICU and the emergency department. As part of the EM/IM residency, we see patients in outpatient settings, emergency departments, hospital floors, and ICUs. It is a great opportunity to understand longitudinal patient care. Academically, we do have opportunities to pursue research through the Jefferson Enterprise. I plan to continue my projects concerning the prehospital cardiac arrest population and methods of prognosticating and treating traumatic brain injury. We have a great group. Check out our program!

    Shaylor Klein   

Hometown: Karns City, PA
Medical school: LECOM-Erie

Why Jefferson Northeast? I chose Jefferson Northeast because of the wide variety of pathology between the three campuses. The residents that I met with seemed confident in their abilities, loved the autonomy they had with patient care, and acted like one big family in and out of the hospital. Because of these interactions, I could absolutely see myself spending at least 5 years of my life in this location learning all that I could.

PJ Singh IM/EM

Hometown: Queens, NY Medical school: LECOM-Erie

Why Jefferson NE? One of the key reasons I chose JNE was because of how helpful and understanding everyone is. Everyone feels like family and helps each other out. There is a huge focus on mental health and I appreciate that so much. Additionally, I wanted to pursue combined EM & IM training. In the future I want to do a fellowship in critical care. I believe the versatility and dual background will provide excellent training for my future goal. JNE also has a phenomenal crit care fellowship program. There is a tremendous amount of pathology seen at JNE and the residents seem confident, kind and happy. 

Internal Medicine / Emergency Medicine PGY-4

Matt Kening IM/EM

Hometown: Chicago, IL​​Medical School: Marian University

Why Jefferson NE?​Jefferson Northeast offers opportunities that stand out from other residency programs. Having rotated with the EM/IM program, I worked alongside faculty and residents from different services while also rotating through each campus. Training in EM/IM offers endless career opportunities following the diverse experience offered by Jefferson Northeast. The mentorship and leadership of the residents I rotated with helped me feel like I would be a great fit for the program. Few programs can offer the unique patient population and pathology offered by the Jefferson Northeast campus system. When not working, I am excited to enjoy all that the city of Philadelphia and surrounding area has to offer. I look forward to my time exploring a new area of the country only a few hours from the beach and mountains while also having endless things to do in the city.

Kristin Lee IM/EM

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE? I had the opportunity to do my third-year clinical rotations at Jefferson Northeast and during that time I was impressed by the quality of teaching as well as the diversity of patients and pathology across the 3 campuses. While the quality of my education was incredibly important when choosing my residency program, the most important factor was that I would be able to be a part of a supportive and tight knit group of people. The community at Jefferson Northeast is full of kind, incredibly well-trained, and confident physicians. I have known since my first rotation that Jefferson Northeast would be the right fit for me and I am very lucky that my perfect program is so close to family!

Jacob Steiber IM/EM

Hometown: Chicago, IL Medical School: Rush Medical College

Why Jefferson NE? As someone who is really excited about the idea of working as both a hospitalist and ED doctor within a hospital, I felt both the faculty and residents validated that the EM/IM program here would allow me to do so. The small size of the residency programs will allow me to develop great relationships with both residents, EM and IM faculty, and specialists. I also felt Philadelphia seemed like an ideal transition from Chicago and I like that the residency allows you to rotate in different communities and hospital settings within the Philadelphia metro area. I enjoy volleyball, tacos, comedy, podcasts, cooking, home improvement projects, live music, sitting outside with friends

Samantha Tauscher IM/EM 

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why Jefferson NE? ​I chose Jefferson because it offered everything I wanted in a program: rural, suburban, and city rotations, a smaller program, cool people, and a great location. Philadelphia is full of history, museums, and plenty of outdoor activities (marathons, biking, and right on the river), which allows me to pursue my hobbies. I chose EM/IM because I want to help bridge the gap between the emergency department and the medical floors, and to help with quality improvement in transitions of care for patients. I am also interested in critical care, and the dual program allows me to get a lot of ICU experience while working towards a fellowship.

Rachel Kern IM/EM

Hometown: Churchville, PA
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE: The Jefferson NE IM/EM Residency Program was my top choice. The camaraderie among the resident and attending physicians truly shows. While on my audition rotation I was an integral part of the team. I saw a variety of patient pathology and trauma, created differential diagnoses, discussed patient testing and plans, and I did my very first central line! This program offers a solid educational and clinical curriculum in a nurturing environment, which I experienced first-hand while working alongside the residents. I loved rotating through all three campuses, each with a distinct feel and patient population ranging from urban, to suburban, to a busy level 2 trauma center. I have personally not seen any other program that can offer this much variety and pathology. I was a non-traditional medical student with a family, and the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia are a wonderful place to raise children!

Internal Medicine / Emergency Medicine PGY-5

Michael Cornman - IM/EM 

Hometown: Bensalem, Pa
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE? All of the residents and attendings at Aria are like family. From the moment I was introduced to the program, I could see that and I wanted to be part of it. 

Phil Fomina- IM/EM 

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Medical School: Touro

Why Jefferson NE? I wanted to be in a small program that has a strong sense of family and teamwork. I also wanted a residency that emphasizes education and clinical experience. I desired a hospital with high acuity, with the residents having greater autonomy and ownership over patients and procedures while still having direction from senior residents and attendings. Most of all, I was looking for a program where I knew I would be happy for the next 5 years. I rotated here in the ED, medical wards and ICU. I saw all of what I wanted and more. The residents/faculty/support staff love coming to work and being with each other. It was my number 1 EM/IM program and I am honored and grateful to have been chosen. Philadelphia is a beautiful city and I’m so excited to call it my new home.

Brian Jordan- IM/EM 

Hometown: Long Valley, NJ
Medical School: Touro-Middletown

Why Jefferson NE? I choose Jefferson EM/IM for the combination residency training and the broad range of pathology across the 3 campuses. I especially liked the location of the program’s hospitals, allowing for high volume training without the requirement of living in the city. 

Ryan Thordal- IM/EM

Hometown: Gary, MN Medical School: Rocky Vista University

Why Jefferson NE? I chose Jefferson NE because of its reputation and the great training experience previous residents have had. I also like that the program exposes you to different patient populations and multiple emergency departments that will help prepare your for working in a variety of settings. On top of that, the staff and residents really seem to enjoy being a part of the program and working with each other. 

Neo Zambas - IM/EM

Hometown: Bloomsbury, NJ
Medical School: PCOM

  Why Jefferson NE? I chose to complete my training at Aria because of the experience I had rotating here as a medical student. Every nurse, resident, and attending I interacted with was extremely helpful. I knew that if I came here I'd have a team of amazing people supporting me during my first year as a resident.