Welcome to Jefferson Health Northeast!
An Internal Medicine Residency Program located in the Philadelphia area that has trained Residents for over 35 years! 

Jefferson Health Northeast
Internal Medicine 

Meet Our Faculty and Residents

Our program consists of both Internal Medicine residents and Internal Medicine/Emergency residents. Each residency class ranges from 7 to 9 residents. Our Residents come from all over the world.


Dr. Andy Ogden
Chairman of Medicine



Dr. Amy Penza
Program Director



Dr. Olubunmi Olarewaju
Associate Program Director



Dr. Kate Radvansky



Dr. Emily Drechsel



Dr. Nimish Patel



Dr. Angela Lee-Kilpatrick



Dr. Michael Halpin



Dr. Aleksey Shchurin



Dr. Anthony Abbruzzi



Dr.  Mary Clare Parrott



Dr. Matthew Fallstick



Dr. Chad Gunsolly



Dr. Anna Dymarsky



Internal Medicine
PGY - 1

Tyler Drury

Hometown: Miami, FL
Medical School: PCOM - Greater Atlanta

Why Jefferson NE?
I picked this program because of a few factors it has that were important to me. Good training, a great location, and most importantly the amazing residents. The entire team (residents, attendings, other staff) is so supportive and truly help to nurture residents as they grow into their careers, which is something I also experienced as a medical student and absolutely sealed the deal for me on ranking this program #1.  

Tony Kadavanu

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India
Medical School: Dr DY Patil School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai

Why Jefferson NE?
The Jefferson NE IM residency program was my top choice. Having done residency in internal medicine back home, I had good clarity with regards to what I wanted from a residency program. I looked for a variety in pathology, support from faculty and most of all great comradery amongst residents. JNE ticked all my boxes. Rotating through three different hospitals , each having its own unique characteristics in terms of patient population, gives a distinct feeling ranging from urban, suburban to a level 2 trauma centre. There is a strong bond among the residents which is clearly evident and the support from the faculty is excellent. This creates the perfect atmosphere for learning and improvement which in the long term prepares us well for our journey ahead. The program being in Philly and close to my home was an added bonus

Penelope Kagan

Hometown: North Easton, MA Med School: Marian University COM

Why Jefferson NE?
I was drawn to the close knit, supportive environment that Jeff NE fosters. All the residents are approachable and willing to help each other. Training in Philadelphia also provides patient and cultural diversity, making it a great place to work!  

Danielle Palaferro

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Medical School: LECOM - Erie

Why Jefferson NE?
I was a medical student at Jefferson Northeast. I remember as a third year I was between Surgery and Internal Medicine. I had Surgery early in rotations, and thought this may not be my route after all. Internal Medicine was my last three months of third year. I remember being timid about giving my assessment and plans during presentations, but my amazing team of Residents and Attending, made me feel like my assessment was important to the team. It was this openness and teamwork that this program has to offer. And now a few months into intern year, I feel supported to learn medicine with my colleagues, and now friends.

George Pitsakis

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Medical school: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jeff NE because of my experiences here as a student. Not only were all of the residents supportive of each other, but they were all so knowledgeable as well. Also being in this program allows me to stay in my hometown, while still seeing a variety of pathology.

Sanjay Rau

Hometown: Hingham, MA Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE? Despite being a lifelong New Englander, I chose Jefferson Northeast because of the people. I had a wonderful interview day where I saw first-hand the high level of camaraderie among residents and their overall happiness with the program. Other highlights of this residency are its heavy emphasis on procedures and its ability to cultivate clinically strong, well-rounded, autonomous physicians.

Pranay Reddy

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Medical School: St. George's University SOM

Why Jefferson NE?
When I interviewed at Jefferson NE I was immediately overcome with awe due to the immense access to procedures and heavy emphasis on critical care medicine. This is very important to me moving forward in my medical career and became fundamental in choosing to spend the next 3 years of my life in Philadelphia at Jeff NE. I also believe that a residency program should operate like a tightly knit family and Jeff NE certainly fits that bill. There is such a clearly palpable chemistry amongst faculty and residents alike. This was something I wanted to become part of instantly. The educational chain flows with such fluidity between attendings, seniors, interns and medical students therefore establishing the perfect residency learning environment.

Elana Roadcloud

Hometown: Abington, PA
Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
Jeff NE has an awesome reputation offering great clinical training and opportunities to learn from some of the best physicians in medicine. This is why I have always wanted to be a part of the Jeff NE family.

Bradley Schroeder

Hometown: Johnstown, PA
Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
One of my favorite parts of JNE is the pride the program takes in regards to prioritizing teamwork. There is a real sense of camaraderie among the residents, medical students, and attendings and everyone is willing to help everyone else. I believe this mindset helps make the overall experience a positive one as well as setting itself up to be a good learning environment to ensure high quality training.

Matt Kening IM/EM1

Hometown: Chicago, IL​​
Medical School: Marian University

Why Jefferson NE?
​Jefferson Northeast offers opportunities that stand out from other residency programs. Having rotated with the EM/IM program, I worked alongside faculty and residents from different services while also rotating through each campus. Training in EM/IM offers endless career opportunities following the diverse experience offered by Jefferson Northeast. The mentorship and leadership of the residents I rotated with helped me feel like I would be a great fit for the program. Few programs can offer the unique patient population and pathology offered by the Jefferson Northeast campus system. When not working, I am excited to enjoy all that the city of Philadelphia and surrounding area has to offer. I look forward to my time exploring a new area of the country only a few hours from the beach and mountains while also having endless things to do in the city. tle

Kristin Lee IM/EM1

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I had the opportunity to do my third-year clinical rotations at Jefferson Northeast and during that time I was impressed by the quality of teaching as well as the diversity of patients and pathology across the 3 campuses. While the quality of my education was incredibly important when choosing my residency program, the most important factor was that I would be able to be a part of a supportive and tight knit group of people. The community at Jefferson Northeast is full of kind, incredibly well-trained, and confident physicians. I have known since my first rotation that Jefferson Northeast would be the right fit for me and I am very lucky that my perfect program is so close to family!

Jacob Steiber IM/EM1

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Medical School: Rush Medical College

Why Jefferson NE?
As someone who is really excited about the idea of working as both a hospitalist and ED doctor within a hospital, I felt both the faculty and residents validated that the EM/IM program here would allow me to do so. The small size of the residency programs will allow me to develop great relationships with both residents, EM and IM faculty, and specialists. I also felt Philadelphia seemed like an ideal transition from Chicago and I like that the residency allows you to rotate in different communities and hospital settings within the Philadelphia metro area. I enjoy volleyball, tacos, comedy, podcasts, cooking, home improvement projects, live music, sitting outside with friends

Samantha Tauscher IM/EM1

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE? ​
I chose Jefferson because it offered everything I wanted in a program: rural, suburban, and city rotations, a smaller program, cool people, and a great location. Philadelphia is full of history, museums, and plenty of outdoor activities (marathons, biking, and right on the river), which allows me to pursue my hobbies. I chose EM/IM because I want to help bridge the gap between the emergency department and the medical floors, and to help with quality improvement in transitions of care for patients. I am also interested in critical care, and the dual program allows me to get a lot of ICU experience while working towards a fellowship.

Internal Medicine
PGY - 2

Jennifer Brennan 

Hometown: Garnet Valley, PA
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE? 
The support and respect that residents give each other daily truly stands out to me at Jefferson Health NE. My co-residents have helped me celebrate the good days, and have encouraged me after the bad ones. The residents push each other to learn and work hard, while simultaneously ensuring each other’s well being.

Ansa Chughtai

Hometown: Bucks County, PA
Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Why Jefferson NE? I chose Aria because there's nothing better than to train in your hometown with a diverse population. There is an incredible breadth of pathology and illness acuity. Your co-workers are amazing and everyone is willing to help one another.

Dalton Davidson 

Hometown: Bensalem, PA
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE? 
The residents! There is an awesome culture and here everyone is so helpful to one another. Good Attendings, very approachable. No 24 hour call. Living in Bensalem, geography helped for me too.

Pavel Itersky

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE? 
I was impressed with the education and training that this program offers when I rotated here as a medical student. Plus the opportunity to treat patients in the community where I grew up. The residents here are a tight-knit group and coming to work is fun.

Jeff Kingsley

Hometown: Pinehurst, NC
Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
Jefferson Northeast offers a unique opportunity to work with several different patient populations in a community hospital environment. All of the medical staff here is very welcoming and always seizes every opportunity to teach. Plus, you can wear scrubs on inpatient rotations.

Yong Mi (Kelly) Shin

Hometown: Commack, NY
Medical School: NYITCOM

Why Jefferson NE? 
I chose Jefferson NE because of it's supportive (& fun!) faculty and staff who train its residents with balance of autonomy and mentorship throughout all outpatient and inpatient clinical experience. To witness many alumni come back to the teaching staff and clinical service further showed me that Jefferson NE was a great place to learn and grow as a physician in training.

Matthias Struck

Hometown: New Providence, NJ
Medical School: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, WA

Why Jefferson NE? 
I am constantly impressed with my teachers and co-residents at Jefferson Northeast. People here are not only incredible clinicians, but more importantly, they are supportive and come with a sense of humility and humor when necessary.

Michael Cornman - IM/EM 2

Hometown: Bensalem, Pa
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE?
All of the residents and attendings at Aria are like family. From the moment I was introduced to the program, I could see that and I wanted to be part of it. 

Phil Fomina- IM/EM 2

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Med School: Touro

Why Jefferson NE?
I wanted to be in a small program that has a strong sense of family and teamwork. I also wanted a residency that emphasizes education and clinical experience. I desired a hospital with high acuity, with the residents having greater autonomy and ownership over patients and procedures while still having direction from senior residents and attendings. Most of all, I was looking for a program where I knew I would be happy for the next 5 years. I rotated here in the ED, medical wards and ICU. I saw all of what I wanted and more. The residents/faculty/support staff love coming to work and being with each other. It was my number 1 EM/IM program and I am honored and grateful to have been chosen. Philadelphia is a beautiful city and I’m so excited to call it my new home.

Brian Jordan- IM/EM 2

Hometown: Long Valley, NJ
Medical School: Touro-Middletown

Why Jefferson NE?
I choose Jefferson EM/IM for the combination residency training and the broad range of pathology across the 3 campuses. I especially liked the location of the program’s hospitals, allowing for high volume training without the requirement of living in the city. 

Ryan Thordal- IM/EM 2

Hometown: Gary, MN
Medical School: Rocky Vista University

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson NE because of its reputation and the great training experience previous residents have had. I also like that the program exposes you to different patient populations and multiple emergency departments that will help prepare your for working in a variety of settings. On top of that, the staff and residents really seem to enjoy being a part of the program and working with each other. 

Neo Zambas - IM/EM 2

 Hometown: Bloomsbury, NJ
Medical School: PCOM

 Why Jefferson NE?
I chose to complete my training at Aria because of the experience I had rotating here as a medical student. Every nurse, resident, and attending I interacted with was extremely helpful. I knew that if I came here I'd have a team of amazing people supporting me during my first year as a resident.

Internal Medicine PGY-3 

Joe Alagna

Hometown: Levittown, NY
Medical School: PCOM- Philadelphia Campus

Why Jefferson NE?
What drew me to this Residency is caliber of the people working here. We get incredible training all the while remaining down to earth, respectful professionals. As a student, I always saw the residents and Attendings as normal people doing extraordinary things.

Hiral Desai

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Medical School: LECOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose to do residency at Aria because of the great learning opportunities offered while maintaining a support system for residents. 

Pamela Fazio

Hometown: Cross River, NY 
Medical School: VCOM - VA Campus

Why Jefferson NE?
As a student rotating at Jefferson NE, I was blown away by the knowledge and confidence of the residents. I have now realized, that I could not have picked a better place full of diverse pathology, a supportive environment from both attendings and residents, and early, hands on procedures and clinical experience.

Alyssa Figueroa

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Medical School: LECOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I picked Jefferson Northeast for several reasons. People are genuinely friends here! That’s what attracted me initially. As a student I was really treated as a part of the team and every resident I’d met at this program was so capable, knowledgeable and well prepared. The autonomy and decision making skills we gain here are unparalleled. We have the opportunity to care for a diverse population in three different communities - which really prepares us for any job post-residency.

Monica Hinestroza-Noble

Hometown: Pereira, Colombia
Medical School: Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, Colombia

Why Jefferson NE?
Each time I was in contact with the residents I saw that they were happy here... Thus residency has a family environment that immediately drove me to it. It is expected that residency will be hard no matter where you go but having a supportive environment is priceless.

Katie Hurst

 Hometown: Tunkhannock, PA M
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson Northeast because I wanted to be a part of the family of residents here. As a student, I was always impressed with their vast knowledge base and their ability to perform under pressure. It was apparent that this program was genuinely interested in investing in your future as a physician, and supporting you to get there whether that involved fellowship or not. Every resident comes out with a tremendous skill set that is unmatched at other institutions, and I knew I wanted to receive training like that.

Travis Mattingly

Hometown: Leonardtown, MD
Medical School: UNECOM

Why Jefferson NE?
1) Tons of exposure to critical care and procedures. 2) Co-residents rule. 3) Attendings who are supportive whether you're working up a patient, writing a case report or applying for fellowship

Paige Robinson

Hometown: Williamsport, PA
Medical School:  PCOM - Philadelphia

Why Jefferson NE? 
I picked this program because as a student, the residents always made me feel included. and now as a resident, I have an even deeper appreciation for having such warm, wonderful co-residents that always have my back, make a bad day feel better, and challenge me to improve every day. 

Sarah Schiazza

Hometown: Blackwood, NJ
Medical School: Rowan SOM

Why Jefferson NE? When I rotated here as a student, I loved how the residents were all friendly, supportive of co-residents, and still very knowledgeable about medicine. Also there is a wide range of patients and pathologies between the 3 campuses so you get to see a lot and learn a lot.

Matt Olson

Hometown: Edina, Minnesota 
Medical School: Marian University

Why Jefferson NE?
The EM/IM program was a big draw for me. It allows me to get amazing training while keeping all my options open later to practice all types of medicine. I also have an interest in critical care and the IM/EM program here has real strong critical care training. The amazing training our residents get is evident by looking at our senior residents. Another strength of our program is the sense of family we have here. The Attendings and Residents genuinely care about each other which allows for a great, supportive, learning environme

Onyi Okorji

Hometown: Anambra, Nigeria
Medical School: West Virginal School of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
I did not rotate here as a student however choosing this program was not a difficult process as the residents here I knew were very happy. I remember discussion from separate IM and EM resident colleagues who would choose this program over and over if needed because of the big sense of Love and Family with immense support. That I know now is very True. I chose IM/EM because of the opportunities for career path in future and the overall pathology Jefferson NE had in each training.

Jessica Schumann 

Hometown: Perkins, Oklahoma
Medical School: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Why Jefferson NE? 
I chose Jefferson Northeast because our program offers the unique opportunity to train in a dual EM/IM program at a level II community hospital. I love that, as residents, our patients are our responsibility. I appreciate the procedural volume and critical care experience. I also love the variety offered with the multiple campuses. My co-residents are some of my very best friends, and you immediately feel a family atmosphere with good support from your co-residents and attendings. 

Internal Medicine / Emergency Medicine PGY-4

Zachary Messina

Hometown: Portage, Indiana
Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson NE IM/EM to help provide me with the best education to fit my goals. I did not do a rotation here, but I did later come back and shadow in both the Emergency Department and ICU. During my time here, everyone was encouraging and resourceful, and provided a lot of autonomy to their residents. The pathology at Jefferson NE was diverse and challenging, which was what I was hoping to get from a residency. I got a strong sense of family here as well.

Katy Hanson

Hometown: New Hampshire
Medical School: UNECOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson for several reasons; first, because of the amazing opportunity to do a combined EM/IM program, which opens up my entire future to practice where ever and whatever type of medicine I may want to pursue one day. The second reason is the city of Philadelphia, which offers plenty of opportunities for my husband to find work and for me to see any kind of pathology imaginable.

Internal Medicine / Emergency Medicine PGY-5

Caitlin Baldwin

Hometown: Massapequa Park, NY
Medical school: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I had the opportunity to rotate at Jefferson NE as a student and it was by far one of my favorite months. I was excited to go to work each day because all of the residents already made me feel like I was part of the team and everyone was so willing to teach. From residents to Attendings, it is the perfect environment to train where everyone is approachable, fun and passionate. After four years, Philly has grown on me and I couldn't be more excited to stay!

J. Kevin Jordan

Hometown: Long Valley, NJ
Medical School: PCOM

Why Jefferson NE?
I chose Jefferson NE EM/IM because I was able to rotate through all 3 campuses as a student, and found that no other program offers the same range of patient population, quality of training, or friendly environment that Jefferson NE does. It was a very easy decision for me.

Kuljit Kaur

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Medical School: LECOM- Erie

Why Jefferson NE?
When I rotated at Jefferson NE, it was very easy for me to see how well trained the residents were. I felt as if they could handle any situation that they encountered and that is exactly the type of physician I aspire to be. The residents and attending were all approachable, fun, and constantly encouraging me to learn and improve skills. I saw a wide variety of pathology, enjoyed coming into work, and love Philadelphia (besides the Eagles...Go steelers!).

Jason Selim

Hometown: Perth Amboy, NJ
Medical School: Rowan SOM

Why Jefferson NE?
Jefferson NE creates a unique educational experience through its three campuses providing a variety of patient populations and pathology. With its supportive residents and excellent faculty, Jefferson NE was the perfect choice for me!